iBPMS Integration & Triggers

STATUS App integrates with all iBPMS's, empowering BPM Practitioners to incorporate essential HR and technology related thresholds into automated management systems and processes.

Rapid Deployment

The STATUS Baseline App is deployed across an entire Enterprises mobile and fixed device estate in a matter of minutes (as long as an MDM platform such as Microsoft’s Intune or IBMs Maas360 is in situ).

Once “live”, STATUS begins establishing the all-important baseline(s) for BPM and digital transformation to succeed.

Essential data is polled and recorded from every device throughout your regional or nationally operating locations.

Review Reports

Analysing STATUS Reports with Microsoft's Power BI, you can identify some amazing statistics.  Just look at some of the numbers we've uncovered:
  • Only 60-70% of devices are active per month - So where are all the staff?
  • Attendance dropped off Fridays, every week! – Definitely not a fallacy!
  • 43% of devices used more than 30 hours per month – Individual data available!
  • 26% of devices used less than 30 hours per month – What are they doing instead?
  • 32% of devices not used at all – How is this possible?

Dashboards, Alarms, BPM & Triggers

Using STATUS - The Baseline App will reveal decision-making data that will shape business processes relating to HR and Technology. 
- The Baseline App -

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