HR Analytics

Our platform allows you to review the digital estate of a total workforce or an individual.

STATUS BI Analytics use the Microsoft 'Power Business Intelligence' platform to blend with your business infrastructure.


Set Business Parameters

You are able to set any business threshold you think is necessary, such as under use, over use of a device or software, you decide.


Respond to Events

Once a threshold is reached, you can decide who needs to be informed of the alarm being activated. Options can include email or SMS Text Messaging.


Automate the Process

Once your threshold and alarm parameters have been identified, the next stage is to create Triggers that will activate in your iBPMS.

Analyse Networks

Using STATUS BI enables you to slice-and-dice any combination of reporting data. To start with, we are able to analyse the performance of your current network and then see who gets affected by poor service.
A recent survey in Which? Magazine stated that 30% of mobile networks fail. This converts to a staggering loss in performance and costs.

Analyse Connected Devices

When dealing with large scale digital estates, it can be problematic simply trying to identify that every digital device and SIM is accounted for and is operational. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you are paying for the correct number of SIMs and/or devices in service.

Analyse Device Usage

Businesses provide their employees with equipment to carry out their work. However, it can be impossible to determine if the equipment is actually being used and if so, when? Using BPM Analytics you are able to overlay Human Resource data to analyse who is working and where and identify how long their device has been active.
Recent STATUS statistics showed in multiple cases up to 32% of devices were not switched on - for the whole month!

Explore iBPMS Integration & Triggers

The STATUS App operates seamlessly with all iBPMS platforms, allowing you to create threshold and manually activated triggers for any device.
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