About Us

Tracline has been an accredited supplier to the NHS and Public Sector for over 25 years and specialise in making computing ‘mobile’.

Established in London, in 1984,  Tracline is a provider of Hardware, Software, Managed Solutions, Mobile Data Connectivity and Technical resources to some of the largest organisations throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Partnering with Intel

We partnered with Intel to specify the MCA Clinical Assistant, later brought to market by Panasonic and Motion Computing, and became the largest supplier of these to the NHS, also presenting on the usability of mobile devices in the Health sector.

Mobile devices can be difficult to design for a number of reasons and the price hard to obtain and so we've evaluated, advised and recommended tablets, laptops, convertibles and phones knowing that each case requires a different solution.

Lately, more organisations are considering mobile working, whether to reduce estate costs, gain competitive advantage or drive operating efficiency.

Aiming to be the Best

Leading up to the development of STATUS, we carried out audit work on incoming airtime bills that identified the businesses were being overcharged, so we devised systems to reconcile and prove bills.  We built these techniques  into STATUS Analytics to give our customers insights into their bills too.

To further bolster our exclusive position in the mobile arena, we won a competition run by Innovate UK to make mobile working more resilient and reliable, bringing together a consortium of Network Operators, Network Aggregators and the University of Surrey 5G Innovation centre.

This substantial Government grant enabled to us fully develop all our preliminary ideas and bring to market STATUS and VISION, including our project processes, all of which make up our ground-breaking solution for helping organisations manage their digital estates and establish a baseline, prior to initiating any new business processes.
- The Baseline App -

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